Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who Is Dying


It is never easy to learn that a loved one or a friend is dying. It’s difficult to know what to say or how to respond. However, it is all too easy to say the incorrect thing in moments of bewilderment and despair. And saying the wrong thing is the last thing we want to happen.

Asking someone in hospice care in Saginaw, Michigan how they feel is a natural approach to start a conversation. However, inquiring how they are feeling leads to further talk about their sickness, and many individuals who are ill are uncomfortable discussing it. Instead, begin the conversation with a nice greeting.

Avoid using clichés like “everything happens for a reason,” especially if they contradict your loved one’s specific beliefs. Nothing is worse than believing that one’s illness is the result of karma.

Expressions of false hope, such as “I’m sure you’ll get well,” frequently stem from the dread of thinking about or discussing death. Instead, one of the most impactful things you can do is to provide your time and physical presence.

Telling them they don’t seem to be unwell isn’t going to help. Just because someone hasn’t lost their hair as a result of chemo doesn’t mean their sickness isn’t serious. Instead of complimenting their appearance, talk about how they made your life better.

If you are confused about what to say to a loved one in hospice care in Bay City, Michigan, it is best to simply be a caring listener. But remember not to completely ignore the elephant in the room.

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