Helping a Hospice Patient When They Stop Eating and Drinking


When a hospice patient stops eating and drinking near the end of their life, family members and caregivers are faced with additional difficulties. The dietary and hydration needs of a dying patient are considerably different from those of a healthy, energetic individual.

If the patient is still able to eat or drink, give them little sips of water or drinks, ice chips, hard sweets, or a very small spoonful of food. Listen to the patient’s cues to know when to stop.

Drinking should not always be forced on someone getting hospice care in Saginaw, Michigan, depending on their progression in the dying process. Dehydration causes no discomfort to the patient as long as IV fluids are administered. If the patient is unable to drink, offer different alternatives of sustenance such as conversation, loving touch, music, singing, poetry, humor, pet visits, gentle massage, or other acts of caring and love.

Eating and drinking in the later stages of life may result in choking or fluid inhalation into the lungs. IV therapy, nasogastric tubes, or peg tubes might be used to nourish and comfort the body.

All Valley Home Health & Hospice Care constantly collaborates with patients and families to create tailored care plans that support the patient’s goals and values.

Our home health care in Saginaw, Michigan will continue to treat pain and manage symptoms. We make certain that your loved ones will not be denied hospice care.

If you require hospice care in Bay City, Michigan, please contact us right away.

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