Talking to Your Loved One About Hospice Care

Talktalking-to-your-loved-one-about-hospice-careing to Your Loved One About Hospice Care

Many people refuse to receive hospice care due to certain reasons even when it is advised by their doctor. But there are also several cases where those who refused hospice care at first eventually felt good about changing their mind.

If you want to open up about hospice care to a family member, here are some tips:

  • Before talking to your loved one, you should have considerable knowledge about hospice care. Read about what it does, what its goals are, and how it can benefit your family. You can also visit hospice care agencies and ask about their services.
  • Ease their worries. Hospice care is not giving up on life. Should they need it, hospice can be stopped at any time and your loved one may start curative treatment again. If they are worried about the financial aspect, inform them that there are several ways to receive financial assistance.
  • If they do not want hospice care, listen before you say anything. You should always be there to listen to whatever they have to say when they’re ready. Do not judge them or try to convince them; just hear them out. Let them know their emotions are valid.

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