Infection Prevention in the Home


As the world continues to fight off COVID-19, and with the cold and flu season turning the corner, many people are looking for effective ways to prevent infection in the home.

If you’re living with an older adult or someone with underlying medical conditions, then all household members should take extra precautions to keep these loved ones safe and away from illness and disease.

While living in a bubble is hardly the answer to this issue, there are several ways you can prevent infection from infiltrating your home.

  • Limit Your Contact with the Outside
    Only going when it’s needed can help decrease your exposure to people who may possibly be carrying illness and disease. As much as possible, get all groceries, medication, and other securely delivered to your home to reduce your interaction with infected individuals.
  • Avoid Having Visitors
    While there’s no harm in wanting to see your family and friends, having visitors over in your house can increase your risk and your loved ones’ risks of contracting a disease. Limit the number of people you invite to your home. If possible, hold any and all events online in the meantime.
  • Get Reliable Care
    Professional Home Health Care in Saginaw, Michigan can help with addressing the personal care and medical needs of a patient.

From hygiene and grooming to medication administration and Hospice Care in Saginaw, Michigan — we at All Valley Home Health & Hospice Care can provide you with every type of care you need.

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