Hospice versus Palliative Care

Hospice versus Palliative Care

It is important for persons caring for relatives diagnosed with serious illnesses to plan for palliative and hospice care in Saginaw, Michigan. There are times when decisions must be made quickly. Being prepared can mean the difference between spending wisely and draining your finances—or between life and death.

There are many similarities between palliative and hospice care. Both types of care seek to give a patient relief from the symptoms of their illnesses. The goal is to increase comfort and reduce stress, so they can feel better in body and mind. Receiving the proper care may allow patients to feel better instead of feeling worse.

The main difference between palliative care and hospice care in Bay City, Michigan has to do with time. Patients undergo palliative care under the assumption that they still have more than six months to live or that they have a chance to recover. Meanwhile, patients undergoing hospice care have a prognosis of six months or less.

Important preparations to be done for both types of care include deciding on where to admit the patient. Palliative care is usually done in a hospital, while hospice care can be done in a variety of places, including at home, in assisted living facilities, hospice residences, and nursing facilities.

You can work with your loved one’s insurance provider to see which options are available to them and even visit each of the facilities with them, so they can choose which ones they prefer. Need help in deciding? Consult with All Valley Home Health & Hospice Care for hospice care and home health care in Saginaw, Michigan today.

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