Exercise for Patients with Terminal Illnesses


Exercise is the repetition of bodily movements that enhances and maintains physical fitness and overall health. And yes, it can do wonders for your health! That is why healthcare professionals and care providers in home health care in Saginaw, Michigan strongly recommend exercise for seniors and even for those with terminal illnesses.

As means to encourage exercise, we have laid out some of its top benefits:

  • It Prevents Muscle Atrophy.
    Your muscles can waste away and deteriorate when you don’t use them, so to keep your muscles strong and healthy and prevent them from atrophying, physical activity is an absolute must.
  • It Strengthens Cardiovascular Health.
    Exercising regularly improves oxygen delivery to your heart and lungs and keeps both organs strong. Having strong cardiovascular health also makes you less likely to contract cardiovascular illnesses.
  • It Improves Mood and Sleep Quality.
    Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that help improve mood and reduce feelings of loneliness. Studies show that exercise significantly improves sleep quality as well.
  • It Alleviates Chronic Muscle Pains.
    Physical activity and exercise reduce chronic muscle pains by building muscle strength and mass. It can also reduce pain sensitivity and inflammation. That is why providers of hospice care in Saginaw, Michigan, incorporate exercise into their patients’ daily routine.

For assistance with exercise, please feel free to reach out to All Valley Home Health & Hospice Care. We can provide you with quality hospice care in Bay City, Michigan, which includes physical therapy that helps ensure overall health and wellness.

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