Benefits of Physical Therapy for Hospice Patients


A physical therapist is someone knowledgeable about our bodies’ movement and function. Their job is to enhance a person’s quality of life through hands-on care, prescribed exercise, and patient education. They teach their patients how to achieve long-term health benefits by preventing and managing their condition.

Physical therapy plays a vital role in hospice care. Physical therapists create programs tailored to each hospice patient to optimize their remaining quality of life. They develop a plan and use treatment techniques to let their patients move more freely, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent further disability.

A physical therapist will evaluate the patient’s ability to safely move around, determine the problems they encounter in doing so, and assist them in walking around, getting in and out of bed, transferring from their house to their care, and more. They will assess the patient’s pain level and provide therapy programs to help reduce it. Some may include strengthening exercises however, it is on a case-by-case basis.

Aside from maximizing the patient’s functional ability and comfort, physical therapy also assured caregiver and patient safety as well as provides support on physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that arise at the near end of life.

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