What to Do When a Patient’s Having Difficulty Breathing


People with terminal illnesses like those who are receiving Hospice Care in Bay City, Michigan may have trouble breathing as they are experiencing a near-death experience. Dyspnea is the name of this condition, which can occasionally strike suddenly. Shortness of breath or chest tightness is a common symptom of dyspnea.

There are things you may do to lessen the severity of the disease if your terminally sick loved one is in your home and begins to have trouble breathing. While your loved one is receiving treatment or while you wait for his doctor or nurse to come, you can use the following tips from All Valley Home Health & Hospice Care, a leading provider of Home Health Care in Saginaw, Michigan:

  • Provide and maintain a comfortable environment

    Keep the space at a reasonable temperature. Make sure the room of the person you care about is cool. Let him dress in airy clothes. Increase the level of humidity after checking it. To lessen dyspnea, blow cool air across your loved one’s face. To provide a breeze or fresh air, open the window.

  • Allow them to relax

    Try some relaxation methods. By playing soothing music or giving him a massage, you can assist your loved one in feeling relaxed. Think about trying guided imagery or meditation as well. Offer emotional assistance. Make sure you pay close attention to what your terminally sick loved one has to say before assuring them.

  • Call for help

    Call the doctor who is treating your loved one as soon as you notice him or her having trouble breathing. If your loved one is Hospice Care in Saginaw, Michigan, call the hospice organization straight once to receive instructions over the phone while you wait.

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