Helping Seniors With the Loss of a Spouse


Losing a spouse is a challenging time for the elderly. Without the right support, the grieving process can be long and hard. That’s why finding the right support and knowing what to do helps. Some hospice care in Saginaw, Michigan, and other areas offer bereavement care to help with this process. Here are some tips you can do for a grieving loved one.

  • Acknowledge Their Sadness

    Helping them acknowledge their grief helps them begin the grieving process. Let them understand that you know their sadness and that you’re there to help.

  • Help Them Find Activities to be Happy

    Sometimes, the grieving elderly think they’ll never be happy again after the loss of their spouse. While this is normal, help them understand that it’s okay to be happy again. Some hospice care in Bay City, Michigan often provides bereavement services to help grieving seniors regain happiness in their lives.

  • Help Encourage Them to Maintain Self-Care

    With everything that’s happening, self-care could be the least of their priorities. They might end up getting sick after having forgotten to take care of themselves. Encourage them to maintain self-care and self-hygiene at all times. After all, a healthy body and mind help recovery become easier.

  • Help Them Get the Right Support

    Getting them the right people is important. These can be therapists, skilled nurses, caregivers, or even some family members. During this difficult time, they need people who can help them through their bereavement journey.

Dealing with grief has no rule and every journey is different. It is important to listen, be attentive, and be with your senior loved one. If you need help with caring for them or other home health care in Saginaw, Michigan, contact us at All Valley Home Health & Hospice Care.

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