Common Questions About Hospice Care


The nature of our business as a provider of hospice care in Bay City, Michigan, can be confusing to many people because it entails more than just caring for a person in their final moments of life. It also involves asking questions about death and everything that occurs before and after it, which is why no one wants to do this.

People have been asking us about concerns concerning nutrition and dehydration in older people, especially during their final hours, whether out of curiosity or just because they do not want to remain apathetic about the issue.

As a provider of Hospice Care in Saginaw, Michigan, here are the common questions asked about our services:

  • Do the patient’s caretakers help with eating and drinking?
    We provide the support our patients require as part of our hospice care services. Not only will our carers offer this support, but our doctors, experienced nurses, hospice assistants, and other staff members will also provide their full efforts.
  • Can an individual patient get IV fluids?
    Yes. In actuality, some hospice care providers do provide such services. IV fluids can keep the patient comfortable while helping to stop dehydration.
  • Can an older person with hospice care have a feeding tube?
    Of course, patients who use feeding tubes can benefit from hospice care, but if you’re wondering if administering feeding tubes is part of hospice treatment, the answer is no.

All Valley Home Health & Hospice Care aims to provide quality care to our patients. With this as our primary objective, we are willing to do anything to assist our clients. We also offer Home Health Care in Saginaw, Michigan.

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