Common Misconceptions About Hospice Care


Misconception 1: Hospice care is only for those who have already given up on life.

Contrary to popular belief, hospice is about assisting terminally ill people in living their final days to the fullest. In order to guarantee that the patient’s final days are as comfortable as possible, hospice care’s ultimate purpose is to improve the patient’s quality of life and offer support to family members and caregivers.

Misconception 2: You can never go back once you enter hospice care.

Hospice care is simply a comprehensive service provided to patients with life-limiting illnesses for whom a cure is either doubtful or unattainable; it is not a death sentence. Patients are free to discontinue receiving hospice care at any time. The patient may decide to resume curative treatment if their condition becomes better.

Misconception 3: Hospice care means you or your family have no control over your care.

Hospice care cannot be forced on anyone. Treatment will vary depending on an individual’s needs but patients may choose to refuse or request services. Moreover, hospice care is for the patient’s loved ones as much as it is for the patient. They both have access to support services such as spiritual guidance, grief counseling, and more.

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