How to Prevent Pressure Sores Among Senior Patients


Health complications are the last thing that patients would want to happen to them. This holds especially true for seniors. With their frail condition, they wouldn’t want to let their health deteriorate any further. Sadly, these may not be that easy to avoid. An ideal safety precaution is hiring hospice care in Saginaw, Michigan. Through this, well-trained healthcare professionals can look after patients’ health and oversee potential health risks.

Among the most common types of health complications are pressure sores. All patients are prone to experiencing this, but bedridden patients are at a greater risk. Their limited mobility is the biggest reason behind this. Because they don’t move around often, this causes them to suffer from pressure sores. Unfortunately, this could lead to infections and other health problems. Therefore, they must be prevented at all costs. On top of taking advantage of home health care in Saginaw, Michigan, feel free to consider the guidelines below.

Below is a list of precautionary measures for pressure sores.

  • Assist the patient in changing positions.
    Let the patient change position as much as possible.
  • Look out for signs of developing pressure sores.
    Always check out whether there are signs of pressure sores.
  • Apply moisture barrier cream on the affected area.
    Keep the affected area clean and moisturized.
  • Use smooth specialty beddings.
    Choose beddings made of smooth materials.
  • Make sure that the patient maintains a healthy diet.
    This is crucial in speeding up the wound healing process.

Do whatever it takes to safeguard your loved one’s health!

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